The HOTMAC/RAPTAD system is a user-friendly, cost effective way to simulate various what-if scenarios in the computer, which is impossible to do with field measurements, but necessary for planning or mitigating potential environmental catastrophes.

This complete system includes a preprocessor, mesoscale meteorological code, a transport and diffusion code, a postprocessor with realistic graphical 2D and 3D displays, and extensive graphical user interfaces (GUI).

The modeling system is applicable from building scale to mesoscale (~2000 km).

(Higher Order Turbulence Model for Atmospheric Circulation) is a three-dimensional mesoscale prediction model that forecasts wind, turbulence, humidity, and atmospheric turbulence distribution around urban areas and buildings in complex terrain and coastal regions.

(Random Puff Transport and Diffusion) is a three-dimensional Lagrangian random puff model that is used to forecast transport and diffusion of air pollution materials over complex terrain.
  Features include non-hydrostatic pressure computation, nested grid, land-use distributions, cloud, fog, precipitation physics, ...more











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